Gold-Tip Bent Tweezers

Gold-Tip Bent Tweezers

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Stainless Steel Nippes Tweezers, Handmade in Solingen, Germany The Nippes Stainless Steel Grab Tweezers help you expertly groom your brows for a flawless, precise shape. These tweezers can grab and pull even the tiniest hairs and fibers. These tweezers feature a hand-crafted straight tip that's perfect for effortless plucking to alleviate pain & time grooming. Includes: Stainless Steel Curved Tweezers 9cm long. Meticulously Designed: Handcrafted and tested in Solingen, Germany. Ergonomic Grip: Comfortable fit for any hand size. Perfect for Travel: Fits in bags, pockets, & bathrooms. Highest Quality: Warm forged & hardened steel. About Nippes Nippes, known around the world for its high-quality grooming instruments, was founded over 90 years ago by brothers Ernst and Friedrich Nippes in Solingen, Germany. Today, Nippes serves as a “factory of fine steel products” using traditional and modern techniques. Traditionally handcrafted, high-quality materials and careful final inspection are essential production factors of the family business. Whether it’s scissors, nail clippers, or tweezers, Nippes uses only hot-forged and hardened steel so consumers can enjoy their products for a lifetime. In addition to creating classic and proven products, Nippes strives to set new trends through innovation to continue its success. Nippes has products in an estimated 50 countries worldwide.

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